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Ebook is the shortened name for Electronic books, it means a book sold on floppy disk, CD Rom, or downloaded from a site such as ours. An ebook is like a computer game only instead of putting a game on your computer you put a book.
While print books have many advantages over digital content, over the last couple of years or so things have begun to change.

Information overload is everyone's problem on the Internet today. If
you are going to purchase any information products on line, you'd better to make sure that you purchase only the quality products.

Our site has got a great collection of some of the best ebooks sold on the Internet and at great prices too.

Buying an ebook (digital book) from LiveEbooks.com provides a number of advantages over buying a traditional book:

  1. They're available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year.

  2. You get your ebook immediately after buying,

  3. Ebooks are never out of stock.

  4. You can download it and store it on a laptop, Palm Pilot or PC

  5. There's no travelling long distances to buy books

  6. You can shop from the comfort of your own home or work place

  7. You needn�t wait for the mail.

  8. There are no shipping charges.

  9. Your ebook doesn�t get old and dusty.

  10. You can enlarge the text for easier viewing.

So, why buy ebooks? � To permanently archive on your computer (never lose them). For easily locatable and electronically searchable reference.  Because they may be available on topics not yet in print or they may offer material selectively (e.g., chapters).

All our ebooks products are
unique, are produced exclusively for our JV Partners, Net Book Publishing and are fully guaranteed.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Please take your time to check out what we have to offer!


Travel Cheap! Travel Well![PDF]
- By Victor K. Pryles
Retail Price $29.97)
Includes 2 Free Airplane Tickets!

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Blog Biz For Beginners[PDF]
- by
John Williams
(Retail Price $17)

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Yard Sale Secrets Revealed [PDF]
- By Steve A. Yakim
(Retail Price $13.97)

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Forbidden Psychological Tactics [PDF]
- by Dan Lok
(Retail Price $17.00)

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Insiders Secrets To Flea Market Profits [PDF]
- by Bud Austin
(Retail Price $17.00)

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The Golden Book of Proof [PDF]
- by Proven Business Systems in association with Brett McFall
(Retail Price $17.00)

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